D.O.G-Sec is a leading company in the field of Homeland Security specializing in Perimeter Protection and "Smart Fencing".
D.O.G-Sec provides up to date Perimeter security Solutions: multi sensor capabilities, Intrusion Detection Systems, Multi Screening Technologies, Access Control, Surveillance Cameras and Video Analytics.

All of our solutions appearing on the site fully integrate with our cutting edge state of the art VMS & Command and Control Software.

Our systems transmission method is WiFi,GSM or Fiber Optic based.








2013  - D.O.G-sec delivers perimeter protection to "SHELL" in Nigeria




2013 – D.O.G-sec delivers perimeter protection to" PORT OF EILAT "securing 
4 sites with full perimeter protection - electronic fence and surveillance


2013 – D.O.G-sec perimeter protection to The Israeli Electric Corporation

D.O.G sec in winning collaboration with Elbit Systems ! official winners of
 the Israeli Ministry Of Defence test trial for sensor based fences ! it's official ! after 12 months of trial including Special Forces penetration attempts into the protected  area

D.O.G-SEC  2012 - securing a critical assets facility of extreme importance in China ! project conducted through leading Chinese firm "262 factory" located in Xian

-Guard HFO - concealed underground self berried fiber optic cable ! for a complete unrevealed / discreet intruder detecting over vast  stretches of perimeter 

D.O.G-sec World-Wide

DOG-SEC in China    

DOG-SEC in France    
 DOG-SEC in Thailand   

DOG-SEC in India    

DOG-SEC Securing Airport in Kathmandu Nepal

 DOG-SEC New Solar Panel solution approved by the insurance companies

Electronic Fence on Wall

Electronic Fence on RailWays

Electronic Fence on RailWays

Harbor Border and Cities
Long Range Camera



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