D-Guard Sektor
D-Guard Sektor


D-GuardSektor® from D.O.G-Sec represents the latest development in the field of fence intrusion detection systems which offer accurate location of hostile events occurring at any point along the perimeter of a protected site.


D-GuardSektor® utilises  tried and tested D-Guard 3G ® sensor cable of which more than 250kM has been installed on some of the most security-conscious sites in the world including prisons, airports, power stations, military establishments, as well as many sensitive industrial facilities.


Each D-GuardSektor® analyser offers the ability to monitor up to 1000 meters of D-Guard®sensor cable which may be segmented into 100 sub-zones so that the location of intruder-related activity detected by the sensor cable may be identified to an accuracy of 1%.


Each D-GuardSektor® sub-zone can be allocated it’s own set of detection parameters so that variations in fence quality and type may be accommodated within a single system without incurring false alarms or detection ‘blind spots’ that would be inevitable without such flexibility.


Unlike other systems claiming to offer intrusion point location capability, D-GuardSektor®provides high quality audio verification in which audio signatures resulting from hostile events are stored in digital format so that they may be recalled and replayed from any remote location. This feature is a valuable tool that may be used by security staff to confirm received alarms as being the result of genuine intrusions.


D-GuardSektor® is fully compatible with industry standard IP networks to ensure that integration and communication with a security management system is easily accomplished. All system configuration commands, alarm information and digital audio are accessible through the IP connection of each D-GuardSektor® analyser.


Integration with legacy control equipment is achieved using the D-GuardSektor® relay module in which a relay contact can be allocated to every detection sub-zone so that a simple, dry contact relay interface may be easily implemented.


The unique properties of the D-Guard® sensor cable allows mixing and matching of ‘live’ sensor cable with ‘dead’ interconnecting

cable so that non-sensitive areas may be inserted as required into the site perimeter while still maintaining the capability to protect up to 1000 meters of fence with ‘live’ sensor cable.







2018– D.O.G-sec participates with 2 different intrusion detection systems at M.O.D test site.

2017– D.O.G-sec deployed and handed over to Eilat Port extra 2,500m of D-Guard SeKtor PID

2016 – D.O.G-sec deployed and handed over to its client extra 1,500 meter of Virtual Fences By Bosch HD cameras with Video Analitics protection to a Solar Plant  at Mechola

2016 - D.O.G-Sec has signed with Ledico an agreement for annual maintenance and service for all the Surveillance IP HD Bosch Cameras & Security systems installed in Matityahu.

2016 - D.O.G-Sec has signed with Ledico an agreement for annual maintenance and service for all the Surveillance IP HD Bosch Cameras & Security systems installed in SARONA MARKET TLV

2015 – D.O.G-sec delivers one more perimeter protection to Port of EILAT

securing 1 site with a unique integrated perimeter protection - PIDCCTV + Video Analytics and Access Control (IP HD Bosch Cameras)

2014 - D.O.G-Sec has signed an agreement for annual maintenance and service for all the Cameras, PIDs Access Control and other security systems installed in the sea Port of Eilat

2013  - D.O.G-sec delivers perimeter protection to "SHELL" in Nigeria



2013 – D.O.G-sec delivers perimeter protection to" PORT OF EILAT "securing 
4 sites with full perimeter protection - electronic fence and surveillance


2013 – D.O.G-sec perimeter protection to The Israeli Electric Corporation

D.O.G.Sec is the official supplier of the Israeli National Electric Company for PID - Perimeter Intrusion Detection, sensors based fences and control centers.

D.O.G sec in winning collaboration with Elbit Systems ! official winners of
 the Israeli Ministry Of Defence test trial for sensor based fences ! it's official ! after 12 months of trial including Special Forces penetration attempts into the protected  area

D.O.G-SEC  2012 - securing a critical assets facility of extreme importance in China ! project conducted through leading Chinese firm "262 factory" located in Xian

-Guard HFO - concealed underground self berried fiber optic cable ! for a complete unrevealed / discreet intruder detecting over vast  stretches of perimeter 

D.O.G-Sec World-Wide

D.O.G-Sec in China

D.O.G-Sec in Nigeria    

D.O.G-Sec in France    
D.O.G-Sec in Thailand   

D.O.G-Sec in India    

2010 - D.O.G-SEC Securing Airport in Kathmandu Nepal by HD IP Cameras.


Electronic Fence on Wall

Electronic Fence on RailWays

Electronic Fence on RailWays

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