D-Guard HFO Buried Fiber
D-Guard HFO Buried Fiber



The D-GUARD HFO integrated detection system can provide incredibly high levels of alarm accuracy and detection over vast stretches of perimeter. It's the next step forward in the capability of large scale security deployments, dramatically improving sensitivity and detection, yet minimizing false alarms at the same time.



D-GUARD HFO a different kind of alarm system.

Traditional security solutions such as manned patrols, CCTV, infra-red or microwave are often impractical or unable to provide surveillance and monitoring over longer distances. D-GUARD HFO uses distributed fiber optic sensing to cover every single meter of remote facility perimeters, long-distance pipelines, power lines, railways or national borders.

Moreover, it can instantly locate alarm activations down to within just few meters and intelligently identify the source of the alarm. D-GUARD HFO is also simple to install and expandable to virtually any distance.

The D-GUARD HFO integrated detection system consists of cutting edge optical fiber technology, can be linked via high speed CCTV IP communications network to any security management platform.



Simple installation

Industry leading sensitivity

Accurate detection to within just few meters

Instant detection of sound and vibration

Unlimited number of flexible detection zones

High speed CCTV IP communications network

Simple integration with security management system

GPS integration with full mapping

Capable of links to web, mobile, PC and Smartphones

Recognizes detected events

Safe in explosive environments

Undetectable with no EM footprint

Immune to RF and all EMI Robust, low maintenance sensor




Cutting edge, fiber technology

Using an optical fiber cable and Software Management Systems, D-GUARD HFO can simply and effectively protect up to 50km per analyzer. What's more, by combining multiple D-GUARD HFO systems any length of perimeter, fencing, railway or border can be monitored from just a single location.

D-GUARD HFO also gives pinpoint accuracy in alarm monitoring. It can detect and locate threats to within few meters accuracy and give precise GPS co-ordinates to mapping systems and the alarm receiving center. In addition, it can simultaneously locate and identify multiple threats separated by as little as two meters along the entire length of the sensor fiber.

At the heart of D-GUARD HFO is a patented distributed fiber optic sensor which uses pulsed laser light to turn an optical fiber cable into a high fidelity monitoring instrument along the whole length of the optical fiber. This can pick up sounds and vibration instantly.


Monitors, Identifies, Alerts, and minimizes false alarms

The D-GUARD HFO sensor can detect human activity up to 5 meters away and vehicle movement up to 20 meters away on either side of the sensor fiber.

It can recognize potentially critical events such as a vehicle travelling close to a perimeter, excavation near pipelines, but it ignores background noise from the local environment, thereby minimizing false alarms.

D-GUARD HFO tracks vehicles or footsteps and gives the precise location, speed and direction of travel, enabling the security system and personnel to respond rapidly.


Rapid installation, Low maintenance

D-GUARD HFO can be quickly installed and configured to provide the most effective monitoring of your asset, perimeter or border. It can be attached above ground to pipelines, walls or buried in any ground conditions.

It is also highly resilient and protects communications or SCADA networks against damage or interference by using a dark or redundant fiber within a multi-core cable. This has the twin benefit of maintaining full protection even if the fiber is cut, and giving the precise location of the cable damage.

The sensor fiber needs no power or additional equipment along its length and is resistant to RF or any other EMI. It is also unaffected by lightning and does not corrode. So once its installed, it needs no further maintenance





2018– D.O.G-sec participates with 2 different intrusion detection systems at M.O.D test site.

2017– D.O.G-sec deployed and handed over to Eilat Port extra 2,500m of D-Guard SeKtor PID

2016 – D.O.G-sec deployed and handed over to its client extra 1,500 meter of Virtual Fences By Bosch HD cameras with Video Analitics protection to a Solar Plant  at Mechola

2016 - D.O.G-Sec has signed with Ledico an agreement for annual maintenance and service for all the Surveillance IP HD Bosch Cameras & Security systems installed in Matityahu.

2016 - D.O.G-Sec has signed with Ledico an agreement for annual maintenance and service for all the Surveillance IP HD Bosch Cameras & Security systems installed in SARONA MARKET TLV

2015 – D.O.G-sec delivers one more perimeter protection to Port of EILAT

securing 1 site with a unique integrated perimeter protection - PIDCCTV + Video Analytics and Access Control (IP HD Bosch Cameras)

2014 - D.O.G-Sec has signed an agreement for annual maintenance and service for all the Cameras, PIDs Access Control and other security systems installed in the sea Port of Eilat

2013  - D.O.G-sec delivers perimeter protection to "SHELL" in Nigeria



2013 – D.O.G-sec delivers perimeter protection to" PORT OF EILAT "securing 
4 sites with full perimeter protection - electronic fence and surveillance


2013 – D.O.G-sec perimeter protection to The Israeli Electric Corporation

D.O.G.Sec is the official supplier of the Israeli National Electric Company for PID - Perimeter Intrusion Detection, sensors based fences and control centers.

D.O.G sec in winning collaboration with Elbit Systems ! official winners of
 the Israeli Ministry Of Defence test trial for sensor based fences ! it's official ! after 12 months of trial including Special Forces penetration attempts into the protected  area

D.O.G-SEC  2012 - securing a critical assets facility of extreme importance in China ! project conducted through leading Chinese firm "262 factory" located in Xian

-Guard HFO - concealed underground self berried fiber optic cable ! for a complete unrevealed / discreet intruder detecting over vast  stretches of perimeter 

D.O.G-Sec World-Wide

D.O.G-Sec in China

D.O.G-Sec in Nigeria    

D.O.G-Sec in France    
D.O.G-Sec in Thailand   

D.O.G-Sec in India    

2010 - D.O.G-SEC Securing Airport in Kathmandu Nepal by HD IP Cameras.


Electronic Fence on Wall

Electronic Fence on RailWays

Electronic Fence on RailWays

Harbor Border and Cities
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