D-Guard Sensor Cable
D-Guard Sensor Cable

D-Guard Sensor is a vibration-sensitive linear sensor specifically designed to provide high performance intruder detection capability when deployed on fences or other barriers used to define the perimeter of a secure site.

D-Guard Sensor is directly attached to fences or other perimeter barriers using cable ties, cable clips, or by installation in conduit attached to such barriers, so that mechanical vibration generated as a result of hostile activity is coupled into the sensor device and converted to representative electrical signals

Theory of Operation

The D-Guard sensor operates as a linear induction generator whereby precision made concentric conductors within the sensor are arranged to vibrate in a static magnetic field generated by flexible ceramic magnetic profiles.

Mechanical vibrations resulting from intrusion activity are coupled into the sensor through direct contact between the sensor and the protected structure (fence, wall, railing, etc.).

The mechanical energy of vibration is converted to an electrical signal by the sensor by induction of electrical currents into the precision conductors within the sensor.

The electrical signal created by the sensor is an accurate representation of the mechanical energy which created the signal. This enables the signal analyzer module to which the sensor is connected to reliably classify the signals as either hostile, intrusion related signals, or non hostile signals such as those caused by wind, rain, hail, or other environmentally related activity

Technical Advantages

Unsurpassed Signal to Noise Performance

The smallest intrusion related mechanical activity detected by the sensor will generate a signal level typically 1000 times greater than the background electrical noise level generated by the sensor itself. This unsurpassed audio performance ensures that minute levels of intrusion related activity can be easily extracted and identified by D.O.G - Sec signal analyzer systems without risk of losing such critical information within the high background noise levels that characterize many low performance sensors.

Unaffected by moisture penetration

The low impedance design characteristics of the sensor ensure that the performance of the sensor is unaffected by water ingress resulting from cable sheath damage or poorly sealed terminations or joints.

Immune To Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

The sensor is configured as a twisted pair of conductors which are balanced with respect to ground thereby ensuring rejection of externally generated electromagnetic interference sources.


Resilient To Lightning Induced Damage

The sensor cable design allows electrical isolation of the sensor from the signal analyzer system using custom made transformers to ensure maximum resilience to lightning strikes in the vicinity of the sensor.


Simple Termination & Repair Procedures

Since the sensor relies on only two copper wires for its operation, terminating and splicing the cable is a simple task readily accomplished by any competent electrical service technician using readily available, non specialist tools. A typical Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) figure of 15 minutes is easily achievable.


Ultra High Quality Audio Signal

The low impedance design of the sensor ensures high quality audio signals which, in turn, allows accurate and unambiguous verification of hostile activity by security personnel.


UV Resistant Sheathing Material

The sensor cable is sheathed in a low density polyethylene polymer which is heavily loaded with carbon powder to provide the highest possible protection against sheath degradation by the ultra-violet radiation present in sunlight.


Highly Reliable

The sensor cable components are carefully chosen to ensure the highest reliability possible so that a typical Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) figure in excess of 80,000 hours is achievable. Subject to correct installation, the performance of the sensor will not degrade over time, even in extremes of heat and cold.


No Signal Loss In Interconnecting Cables 

The low impedance characteristics of the sensor ensures that no significant signal loss occurs even when long interconnecting cables are used between the sensor itself and its signal analyzer. This powerful capability allows the signal analyzers to be clustered at strategic points on site where power and communications may be more easily provided. A secondary benefit of this capability is that the requirement for power and signaling cabling along the site perimeter is dramatically reduced with consequent reductions in installation cost





2018– D.O.G-sec participates with 2 different intrusion detection systems at M.O.D test site.

2017– D.O.G-sec deployed and handed over to Eilat Port extra 2,500m of D-Guard SeKtor PID

2016 – D.O.G-sec deployed and handed over to its client extra 1,500 meter of Virtual Fences By Bosch HD cameras with Video Analitics protection to a Solar Plant  at Mechola

2016 - D.O.G-Sec has signed with Ledico an agreement for annual maintenance and service for all the Surveillance IP HD Bosch Cameras & Security systems installed in Matityahu.

2016 - D.O.G-Sec has signed with Ledico an agreement for annual maintenance and service for all the Surveillance IP HD Bosch Cameras & Security systems installed in SARONA MARKET TLV

2015 – D.O.G-sec delivers one more perimeter protection to Port of EILAT

securing 1 site with a unique integrated perimeter protection - PIDCCTV + Video Analytics and Access Control (IP HD Bosch Cameras)

2014 - D.O.G-Sec has signed an agreement for annual maintenance and service for all the Cameras, PIDs Access Control and other security systems installed in the sea Port of Eilat

2013  - D.O.G-sec delivers perimeter protection to "SHELL" in Nigeria



2013 – D.O.G-sec delivers perimeter protection to" PORT OF EILAT "securing 
4 sites with full perimeter protection - electronic fence and surveillance


2013 – D.O.G-sec perimeter protection to The Israeli Electric Corporation

D.O.G.Sec is the official supplier of the Israeli National Electric Company for PID - Perimeter Intrusion Detection, sensors based fences and control centers.

D.O.G sec in winning collaboration with Elbit Systems ! official winners of
 the Israeli Ministry Of Defence test trial for sensor based fences ! it's official ! after 12 months of trial including Special Forces penetration attempts into the protected  area

D.O.G-SEC  2012 - securing a critical assets facility of extreme importance in China ! project conducted through leading Chinese firm "262 factory" located in Xian

-Guard HFO - concealed underground self berried fiber optic cable ! for a complete unrevealed / discreet intruder detecting over vast  stretches of perimeter 

D.O.G-Sec World-Wide

D.O.G-Sec in China

D.O.G-Sec in Nigeria    

D.O.G-Sec in France    
D.O.G-Sec in Thailand   

D.O.G-Sec in India    

2010 - D.O.G-SEC Securing Airport in Kathmandu Nepal by HD IP Cameras.


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Electronic Fence on RailWays

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