D.O.G-SEC is a leading Security Integrator, delivering turnkey Intrusion Detection and Surveillance solutions to tier 1 projects worldwide.
D.O.G-sec is part of the leading D.O.G Holdings Group, a service provider of infrastructure projects to various leading Enterprise firms, governmental authorities and military facilities in Israel.
Founded in 2008, D.O.G-secs founders are active in the Homeland / Perimeter Security and "Smart Fence" industry since 1974 specializing in Intelligent Perimeter Solutions consisting of surveillance cameras, video analytics, multi sensor capabilities and cutting edge Intrusion Detection Systems.
All of the above integrate with our state of the art Command and Control & VMS Software.

Our professional team has the know how to provide a one-point-contact support to a complete array of technological solutions. D.O.G-sec is the official provider of intelligent solutions for many Israeli agencies with a proven track record of international security projects : Federal Jails, International Airports, Governmental facilities, Military Bases, City Surveillances, Boarders, Power/Nuclear plants and more...

D.O.G.sec in a winning collaboration with Elbit Systems were declared the official winners of the Israeli Ministry Of Defence test trial for sensor based fences! After 12 months of trial including Special Forces attempts to invade the protected area.

All security systems are fully implemented on delivery and are ready for system installation followed by training for staff,control center services and post installation support, both remote and local.

D.O.G-Secs distributors are fully trained and equipped for providing full customer support within their region.


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