VERTEX SOFTWARE - Video and Command&Control Management System

Vertex is a security Command&Control communication software including video management and network recording application, it is a stable open platform VMS.


           D.O.G-sec has developed a command&control and video management software, Vertex NVR
            Continuous development and module implementation along the years has resulted in a state
            of the art software with full integration of fence sensors and video management including
            complete control of sensitivity adjustments and exclusive "event process control" starting
            from first alert of intruder attempt from sensor till alarm is set off.

         The software is windows client server based and capable of managing thousands of cameras deployed at various sites.


         There are no geographical limitations and a multiple networks support is available to fit each specific installation.


         Advance alerting capabilities integrating leading video analytics, video cameras, intelligent fencing sensors and any other alerting system such as security alarms, safety systems or Access Control systems.


         The Vertex supports unlimited number of sites, unlimited number of users, and unlimited number of cameras all commanded and controlled via one intuitive interface.




D-Guard - SPP (Solar Panel Protection)

The D-Guard SPP is used as an anti-theft system on solar panels. 

The enormous flexibility of the sensor allows D-Guard to adapt to any type of photovoltaic panel giving the customer the most appropriate detection system and therefore, the ability to save money on insurance premiums.

The SPP solution combines our technological abilities with actual phisical securing of each panel on the secured perimeter with custom designed fasteners,completed by video cameras surveilance.

D-Guard SPP can be used in temperatures ranging from -40 C to +85 C and under any weather conditions (rain, wind,snow,hail,etc.).

Vibrations will not trigger unwanted alarm signals.

D-Guard SPP is not affected by interference caused by magnetic fields or electrical fields and the sensor cable cannot be by-passed nor tampered with.


   D.O.G-Sec has the solution !!!



Intelligent Video Surveillance i.e. Safe City / City Surveillance


With surveillance cameras seem to be everywhere today it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to monitor the never ending flow of video and recognize potential threats or violations.
To help alleviate this problem, D.O.G-Sec is marketing an open architecture operating system for its video servers, making integration of video content analysis algorithms from different vendors possible.

By embedding real time video analysis into the video encoder, operators monitoring the control center are automatically alerted each time one of the cameras detects an abnormal behavior.


Video Analytics works by monitoring a video feed, recognizing and classifying objects in the picture and matching their behavior against a set of predefined rules.

When a rule is violated, the video server alerts the control center ( i.e. Vertex VMS ) and can immediately trigger an action such as sounding an alarm or triggering video recording as well as marking the video using a bounding box to help draw the attention of the operator.

Typical algorithms include:


         Object detection


         Object classification (human, vehicle, other)


         Object crossing a boundary (tripwire)            


         Object remaining in certain area (loitering)


         Object removed


         Object left behind


Other more specialized applications include:

         Object counting

         License plate recognition (LPR)

         Face recognition


Real time detection of perimeter intrusion&secure zone breaches:

         Detect breaches of a secure perimeter.

         Detect motion in restricted / sensitive zones.

         Detect unauthorized (tailgating) entry into secure zones.

Identify suspicious activity :

         Detect motion counter to the general traffic flow.

         Detect loitering in areas of interest.

         Detect stopping vehicles in no stopping zones.

         Detect camera blocking or tampering.

         Automatically track the movement of suspicious people and vehicles using PTZ cameras.

         Detect grouping in sensitive areas to avoid potential attacks or threats.


Post event analysis :

         Enable rapid and automated back-tracking in stored video to pinpoint events / behaviors to their origin and thereby better inform law inforcement operations and tactical responses.

         Enable an automated search for events / behaviors / targets to obtain forensic evidence.

Safeguarding assets :

         Detect assets that have been moved or tampered with, like public art.





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